Negin Khorak Pars

Providing the most pleasant and unique flavors

Negin Khorak Pars was founded in 2003. The company started working on raw materials for food industry and after two years they specifically focused on flavors and became one of the main suppliers for meat flavors, as well as dairy, snacks, sauce and fast foods flavors.

In 2008, the company expanded their working scope and started producing the stabilizers used in meat industry and now Negin Khorak Pars equipped with technical knowledge and experience and also expert teams working on a variety of flavors and stabilizers, is a leading company in this area.

The company is honoured to provide a new service to food industry manufacturers by establishing the R&D laboratory working on a variety of cheese flavors, which are used in snacks and dairy products. It should be also mentioned that the R&D team can specifically and exclusively design a variety of flavors depending on the tastes and needs of each client.

Why Choose Us?

  • Research on customer needs and tastes and provide the flavors based on


    Providing a complete range of flavors to meet all needs

  • Providing a wide range of natural spices